Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Modifikasi Kijang Pick Up 2001 Bergaya Amerika

Event Djarum Black in conjunction With TV Hin indeed bring the cars with interesting modifications. Without exception this one car. American Style theme, Kijang pickup alerts in 2001 was made to duck and fitted with six tires. Display all white body kit, making it increasingly characterizes the style of Uncle Sam's car is. Bayu the owner also added the element of entertainment, with DJ sets and a full installation of sound in the back.

Shown with bodykit white and flat, and with the installation of six tires, making it look different from each other. The concept originally was that we wanted to make a car with a view American Style. Continue, because he wanted a different look, we added the tires into six pieces, said Amin who is a car mechanic.

To eliminate the impression of "Deer" her, we changed it to Chevy Blaze. This can be seen from the front. With so, this car is so stylish American Classic. A somewhat different view outside is not separated from the body which made the addition of about 1.2 m longer than the original. This was done to install two additional tire on the back. In addition, the body is also made more crouched close to 25 cm, and chop top is made with size 8 cm.

Other additions are made on the door or door-style suicide backward. Custom suspension was modified in order to support the performance of the Chevy Blaze Bayu belongs. Understand it, this car has already been made to stoop. So it took the right suspension to make it easy driving. The interior also takes from the American Classic is located on the dashboardnya.

Not only that, the car that was built during the nine months was also added DJ sets and sound that meets the back, to display a concept car audio show. Turn table mounted on the back with a motorized pneumatic system is supported by the thunderous sound performance with a total of 12 speakers.


Exterior: bodykit Spectrum bodywork, fog lamp Honda Jazz
DJ set: 6 units of subwoofers, speakers 6 units
Interior: subwoofer 2 units, Sunroof, white leather seat
Suspension: custom
Rims: Steel Oddye (16/195/70/65)
Tires: Turanza

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