Jumat, 03 Desember 2010


RETRO Looking at old cars with like-new condition out of the showroom does have its own pleasure. To be able to make it feel like it, shop modify that have a role to restore the face to re-fresh retro cars as usual.
If there is interest to have the retro cars but do not have enough money to buy a retro car with an already perfect situation, Retro Mania recommends buying a retro car that is still in a shattered condition. However, see the conditions first. If not too severe can be rebuilt, the cost is also not too expensive.
To build a retro cars from the state that were destroyed, only cost about Rp20 million. Originally done with care, these funds are able to make the car a retro look neat and nice views. These costs are usually used for the process of painting and replacement of some spare parts that have been damaged with age.
If not satisfied retro look, you can replace the engine or replace the rim with a rare variant or wear parts and original accessories are also rare. But the funds must be more than that. He cited the price of a spare parts or accessories that are original and quite difficult to be found, then the price could soar. To the rear lights Corolla DX model only the price could starfruit Rp3 millions. For those who want a retro car, the workmanship is neat and careful, you can get the old cars look more fresh and pleasing to the eye.

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