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2011 New Land Rover Defender, Symbol of Heritage 4X4

The Land Rover Defender has been voted 'Top Choice' reader 'at this year's Reader Awards front of more than 200 other vehicles. The Land Rover Defender 4x4 is a symbol of heritage and plays an important role in the lives of thousands of customers from all over the world who buy every single year.

Farmers, aid workers, NGOs and explorersall over the the world value Defender'sversatility ,extraordinary strength ,endurance and ability . The unique combination of these attributes helps account for very high-level model of customer loyalty.

Land Rover launches new 2011 Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition in Brussels Motorshow 2011. The Land Rover Defender X-Tech offers a raw and edgy style, with top-class all-terrain capability that you expect from the automotive icon.

Team Land Rover hard and quietly working on the project despite the time limit rather far, aiming to update the classic Defenders with the principles of modern design while maintaining simple, efficient brutal abilities intact. Unlike most current stablemates, the new Project Icon vehicles are expected to dodge out of aluminum for reliable and rugged steel chassis borrowed from the soon-to-be-replaced the Discovery and Range Rover Sport models, reports Autocar. News from the maturity date of 2013 comes from the report today by the Detroit Free Press.

Like its predecessor, Project Icon trucks will be made in the appropriate form factor with a variety of missions, and although it was originally built only in the UK, there is considered a plan to send it to China, Russia, India and elsewhere in the form of knock-down to the final assembly on the road .

Defender Upgrade to T5 will mean suspension chassis independent, hard or soft tops and a choice of steel or air spring depending on the application. Power will most likely come from the existing lineup of diesel engine company of four and six cylinder.

exterior is available in Zermatt Silver, Black finish enhanced with contrast Santorini to the roof and wheel arches. And, for the first time, the Defender is equipped with a unique gloss black 16 inch alloy wheels Saw Tooth, to create a sense of crude utilitarianism.

The interior is available in Ebony and the seat offers additional leather side bolsters, to resolve more subtle. The Land Rover Defender X-Tech is available in the Commercial Hard Top 90 derivatives, with various kinds of accessories are also available to enhance the ability and individuality.

Powered by 2.4 liter common-rail diesel, Defender offers fuel efficiency and performance with 360Nm of torque to be withdrawn easily and increase the-road performance.

According to the exterior color, interior is either black or black and tan and we discover with pleasure a leather steering wheel with contrasting stitching, body color center console, air conditioning, front storage box between the seats. ABS, ETC, trailer hitch are also part like the famous radio RDS CD with 2 speaker

The Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition will be sold from March 2011 starting from £ 24.995.

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