Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011


Trends in car body sticker application re-erupted after a long vacuum. The colors colorful and cheerful graphics will be the trend in rabbits. "The colors pop art is also going to boom. Now more expressive,"said Arwin Sunarto from Wien's Sticker outlets in Kedoya, West Jakarta.

For graphics, patterns such as water splashes on the Toyota Yaris Nurfitri property. Likewise graphic graphic-style urban abstract art could be a new breakthrough. Moreover, if the color of a dark car, continue to blend color graphics ngejreng urban art. The result, exceptional.

If you want a minimalist, can also play the details of color. For example, when a black body doff, so harmonious if lip wheels (crossbar also black) was given a yellow or red accent striping. Similar color can be applied to parts of the small dimension, such as mirror or a lip spoiler.

According to Arwin, full body sticker trend is not stale and there are still many who wear full body black matte. Superimposed cost around Rp 3.5 million to $ 6.5 million with construction period of 4 days. "Depending on the level of difficulty and the area of the car," said Arwin.

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