Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

JAPAN CREATION, modified cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 is not just an ordinary car. Exotic cars such as Ferrari can not be separated from the creation modifiers country sunrise.

JAPAN Not only known as one of the nation's largest car manufacturer in the world. At sunrise the country is also living modifiers car that has style and talent unik.Who the way they dress up these cars? The name of the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is not as big as the Tokyo Motor Show.Maklum, Tokyo Motor Show is famous for a variety of manufacturers mobil.Di filled the exhibition, all the people curious about the latest cars.

However, when looking for a car with exceptional performance and modifications are crazy, in fact Tokyo Auto Salon is the place. In this exhibition all the modifiers of Japan that focuses on modifying the interior and engine tin tumplek beginning of each year in Chiba, Tokyo.Di this city Tokyo Auto Salon was held. Each year this event to be a place of modifiers to share knowledge and observe the development of automotive modification.

Of course, they do not forget to bring some modifications to the car. Results are displayed adequate bervariatif.Bahkan modification, there is included in the category of crazy. How could I not, in this event there are modifiers that actually featured two Mercedes-Benz 600 SL Swarovski diamond-studded. For a car just needed a car for 300,000 Swarovski diamond can be wrapped in diamonds.

Money really does not matter, but imagine how the modifiers pressed hundreds of thousands of diamond grains to the two Mercedes-Benz.Tentunya very tiring. New cars did not escape the creativity mereka.Mobil-car originally appeared polite, turned 180 degrees to be more sporty, even radical,the concept of modification is actually often received positif.Bahkan, not infrequently used as a guide book for people who want to do the same.

This influence was felt that any car manufacturer in Japan, like Toyota. Therefore, Toyota Motor Corp., including car manufacturers show concept never absent modification. This year the Toyota display 17 cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon event. One is Toyota's flagship iQ GRMN. This car is actually a Toyota iQ GRMN 2009.

However, to conform with the concept that carried modifications Tokyo Auto Salon, the car was modified again with a more racing. In a release at Autoblog, Toyota says their involvement in this event to enhance the love of Japanese society in the world perceived modifikasi.Seperti Toyota, observers and lovers of modifications in Japan agreed that the car appeared in TAS customyang trend will lead to modifications in 2011.

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