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2011 Infiniti M Impul 651S Cars guide and Price

2011 Infiniti M Impul 651S Cars guide and Price

The Tokyo Auto Show has opened its gates, bringing a storm of aftermarket creations. One of the modified creatures that entered our attention is the Impul 651S, a tuning pack destined for the new Infinity M. The Japanese tuner has chosen to cover both the exterior and the tech areas of the premium saloon.
The engine mods include a new exhaust system, larger throttle bodies and an ECU remap. The upgrades are offered for the M37 and M25 versions. Unfortunately, the M56, the model that really comes with a strong potential, hasn’t been touched.

The exterior package includes a new front bumper, front grille, side skirts, rear bumper, rear wing, and sports ducts to get that low, rough look. The car now sits on AURA SX-20 wheels and a new set of coil over springs. Bringing the gruff sound out of the engine is the new stainless steel exhaust system.

The ektra power kit does exactly what it says it does; give the car some extra bang and responsiveness. The device consists of an IMPUL Hi Power Control Unit and big throttle valves. Needless to say, using premium gasoline for the ektra power kit can bring out more power. Don’t worry if your Infiniti has already been equipped with an IMPUL Hi Power Control Unit, you can still boost the performance by adding the throttle valves.

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