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Classic Jaguar E type

The Jaguar E-Type (UK) or XK-E (US) is a British automobile manufactured by Jaguar car made between 1961 to 1975. In combination of good aussieht High Performance in a Competitive Pricing DETERMINED Brand as one of the years 1960 ICON driving. A large Erfolg for Jaguar, geben seventy thousand more E-Type in the life Were SOLD.
In March 2008 Jaguar E-Type in the first place in the Daily Telegraph list of “100 most beautiful cars” of All Time. Im Jahr 2004 Sports Car International Magazine of the E-Type Posted at number one on their list of Top Sports Cars of the Year 1960.

E-Type was initially designed to be shown in public as a grand tourer in two form-Pickel Coupe (FHC von Fixed Head Coupe) as Cabrio (OTS Open Zweisitzer). The wheelbase version 1 February 2 WAS released only extender Years später.
Release Date Enzo Ferrari called the “Most Beautiful Car VFAV von created.”
WS-Modell in three different versions made sterben now in the General as designated “Series 1″, “Series 2″ auf “Series 3″. Zwischen Transitional Series A Series 1 Series 2 is known unofficially as “Series 1 ½”.

In addition, miscellaneous limitiert Produced Variations:
Von “‘Lightweight’ E-Type” WAS sterben apparently intended as a Kind of Follow-up von D-Type. Jaguar units scheduled Sie But ultimately produce only 18 Werdener reportedly built at a verführen mission. Of Henne, ist known at two others destroyed in a converted its forms Sie Coupe. These are extremely rare in popular Tür collectors.

“Low Drag Coupé” War Technically a one-time exercise WAS SOLD sterben finally a Jaguar driver. Welcome to the ist probably a part of the private collection of the current Viscount Cowdray Seien.

Jaguar E type Series 1 (1961-1968)

WS-first in a series shall carry out only for export, in March 1961. In domestic meat market launch in July 1961 Series im four months. The cars at this moment the Triple SU Carburetor Used 3.8L 6-cylinder engine XK6 XK150S Jaguar. The first 500 cars built hatten auf Platte Flooring external KAP (bonnet) Steckplatz. These cars are so rare in more valuable. Then von floors were dished cover more leg room Twin im Moved to hang inside car. 3.8-liter 4.2-liter engine increases WS im struck in October 1964.

All E-Types featured independent TRAF Torsion spring rear suspension-Front-Ends in Four-disc in-Were All Board endorsed on the back. Jaguar war one of the first cars to take you from standard disc Rest der im Jahr 1958 XK150 car manufacturers. Series 1 can be recognized Tür Glass covered headlights (up to 1967), small “mouth” on the front Öffnung tail lights Stoßstange Upper Spitz outlet plate in the rear.

3.8-Liter-Auto ‘s leather bucket seats TRAF, aluminum-trimmed an instrument panel center stack (in vinyl leather amended 1963), in a 4-Gang-Synchrongetriebe Lacks speed Moss that the first gear (“Moss-Box ). 4.2-Liter-Cars More Comfortable Chair improved version Brakes in Electric Systems in an all-4-Synchrongetriebe gearbox. 4.2-Liter-Auto Abzeichen Hebb also on the back proclaiming “Jaguar E-Type 4.2-Liter-” (3.8 cars a simple Hebb’s “Jaguar” Plakette). Optional Extras include chrome wire wheels in a removable Hardtop OTS.

An original E-Type Hardtop ist very rare to find a TRAF all chrome intact, not in good condition original paint noema Sie ist difficult Eerden. Which no one want Degeneration Hardtop not fussy about whether one of ist original Jaguar Various third parties have to re Hardtop Bijnen specificati exact. The cost ranges anywhere Sie double cost of a canvas between Triple-Vinyl-Verdeck.
A 2 +2 coupe version of the Were-im Jahr 1966 added. 2 von 2 Listed in possibility of an AUTOMATIC Transmission. The body ist 9 in (229 mm) long in the roof a different angle more vertical windshield. (This is an incorrect assumption, in OTS S1 Coupe 2 +2 Wind hatte identical Rake). Remained a strict two-seater roadster.

Less known, End of the series prior to production in a transitional government to the “Series 1 ½” below, a very small number of the Series 1 cars were produced TRAF headlights öffnen. Production of these on Maschinen Dating vary, but right in the form control so let Produktivität in March 1968 verified. The low number of these cars make them yourself by von Ihnen rarest production have produced All E-Types.
Following the 1 Series has a Übergangsregelungen wurden Series cars built in 1967-68, unofficially Called “Series 1 ½” sterben externally similar erfüllt Series 1 cars.

Ich due to American pressure Offener Were Funktionalität new headlights, different switches in a number of de-tuning (with a downgrade of the two Zenith-Stromberg carbs from originel von Triple SU carbs) for U.S. Modell. Some also Series 1 ½ Car Partner City fans in adjustable backrests. Series 2 in der Funktionalität Gradually Series 1, Series 1 ½ Car von introduced to unofficial, but always the Series 1 body style erfüllt.

Offen a 3.8-Liter-Car, Actually produktiver selbst Be the first such completed, tested the British magazine Der Tür Motor hatte 1961 in a top speed of 149.1 Stundenmeilen (240.0 km / h) bei 0-60 km from could accelerate / h (97 Stundenkilometer) in 7.1 seconds. 21.3 Thousand consumption of an Imperial pro Gallone (13.3 L/100 km in 17.7 mpg U.S.) was recorded. The test car cost 2097 including taxes Teich.
Two limited production E-Type Variations beds were made as a Test or Low Drag Lightweight E-Type Coupe, both sterben Racedo:

Low Drag Coupé (1962)

Shortly after introduction of the E-Type, Jaguar Verwaltung ability of the wild Build a car more in the spirit of the D-Racer Styling Elemente sind Which of the E-Type Design Research Sie derived. Built a car to Design Konzept, just like an STD Coupe Monocoque Design for Racing rigid enough could be made using the TRAF “Stress entfliehen, ‘der Fürst-Tester. Jaguar Previous Rennfahrer Were as built open-top car ist, dass Were they based on the Leader in Independent Design TRAF teddy Chassis. The Production Of Steel unlikable E-Types, LDC uses lightweight aluminum. Sayer retained schlechter original lighter outer glued riveted in Platte erfüllt ist. Supporters of the samples remained intact Hilfsrahmen im WAS windscreen given a more pronounced slope tailgate welded shut im WAS. Linking pipes Versch Rear Rear Window von addition, it was discarded in Interior TRAF around Gearbox Tunnel Insulation alone. With the exception gehen windshield, all war-Plexiglas Cockpit. Tuned version of a Jaguar 3.8-liter engine at an angle sind TRAF-D Rennfahrer tested cylinder head design was used. Air Management was a problem and, although WAS Production of a better-performing vehicles counterpart ITS selbst sterben never even competitive.

Any Car Prüfstand completed in the Summer of 1962 was Year Später But a Jaguar racing driver Dick Protheroe was SOLD. Because the Später hander Tür oder Sammler multiple runs of both the Atlantic Ocean side gehen ist now likely to stay in the benachteiligten collection of the current Viscount Cowdray.

Lightweight E-Type (1963-1964)

12 plus Booking two Jaguar cars of some bodies in ways that WAS one of the Low Drag Coupe evolutionären Werden. It uses an aluminum alloy in the body Other Components Advanced Tafeln. However, vor Zehn least one exception, offene remained a car in the Spirit of the D-Wagen ist that a more direct successor of the E-Type Produktivität geben, ist that a more geben a GT sports car. The cars tuned version of a Used Aluminum Production-block 3.8-liter Jaguar engine erfüllt 300 hp (224 kW) Leistung instead of 265 hp (198 kW) produced Tür the “normal” version. All factory-built lightweight fuel are equipped TRAF-injection.

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