Senin, 10 Januari 2011


in 1963-1973 Isuzu Gemini Body style (s) 4-sedan2 door sedan2-coupe2 doors-the doors of a pickup truck station wagon2 Engine (s) 1.3 L OHV I41. 5 OHV I41.6 L OHV I41.6 LL SOHC I41.6 L DOHC I41.8 L SOHC I42.0 LL I41.8 diesel diesel I4 Transmission (s) 4-speed manual3-speed automatic Wheelbase 2350 mm (92.5 in) Length 4032 mm (158.7 in) Width 1499 mm (59 in) Height 1391 mm (54.8 in) Curb weight 921 kg (2030 lb) is the Isuzu Bellett The subcompact car produced by Isuzu Motors Ltd. in Japan 1963 -- 1973. It is in-house designed replacement Hillman minx, collected previously by Isuzu under a license agreement. The name "Bellett" was supposed to represent "a smaller Bellel". The car is available as a 4-door or 2-door sedan, rare 2-door station wagon, called the Bellett Express, and the more rare 2-door pickup truck known as the Isuzu Wasp.

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