Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Modifikasi Mesin Dalam Transmisi

There are several ways to upgrade your transmission. You can choose from a trusted transmission brands like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Tremec, and Honda. Honda makes different kinds of performance transmissions ranging from a basic to custom made racing transmissions.

There are two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. The grip is required to engage or release the manual transmission, while automatic transmission with torque converter takes the place of the grip. Automatic transmission is an advantage for racing cars and cars with forced induction because even at high speed, to permit the car to stop. While in the stall, the driver then release the brakes to charge the launch of super.

Computers pave the way for the emergence of semi-automatic transmission can we say, give the best race car drivers of both worlds.

Kesawan gearbox expandability, which is made from select Materials Hard and durable to avoid damage. Low-ratio gearbox is said to provide improved acceleration and better mileage Good.

Another option is a sequential gearbox gearbox. Interest Rate Transmission manual racers to benefit The Fast change. Anda Only Must push the stick shift times Anda Setiap Want to change the gear to the more Higher, Lower pull shifts or if Andari Want to use a lower gear.

Performance shift kits are available to make your experience smoother shifts and quicker. Shifts are balanced and appropriate. Most of the shift kit is a short performance, but easy to install.

Get your car a gear knob that will fit with your steering wheel or your car's interior. Gear buttons come in leather, carbon fiber, or select the button lights up if this gear fit your fancy.

Always have your transmission fluid changed when it is due to make your teeth move smoothly. Use synthetic oil with higher quality to take the heat added due to the shift constantly.

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