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Ford Fiesta 1.6L Sport AT Custom Wallpapers
Almost no difference when you are behind the wheel, except for automatic transmission. The surplus using a double clutch. Ford claims, the time displacement teeth just 0.1 seconds. Although not measured, but the Fiesta 1.6L acceleration are felt more aggressive. Understandably, Duratec engine 4-cylinder 1596 cc engine produces 120 PS@6.000 Nm@4.050 rpm and 152 rpm.

During encouraged, not felt a jolt during a gearshift. Lift the foot of the gas pedal, brake before the bend strength, then kick-down. Transmission gear position switch to the best performance. At this time Overdrive mode is disabled, so can boosted to 6,000 rpm. Unfortunately, Ford did not complete this variant with Sequential Sport Shift for transmission can be manually operated.

When hit the kerb, a vibration in the steering is relatively low. However, in variant 1.4, the steering wheel with Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is noticeably less accurate when maneuvering a little extreme.

At Fiesta 1.6L, with a characteristic sporty suspension tuning and the use of larger tires (195/50 R16) makes its control more stable. Even so, the key to the power of control is supported by the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that is included in this variant.

In class, the new Fiesta comes ESP. When the slalom, it features new functions can be felt, especially when sliding at speeds between 60-70 km / h: car easily controlled.

When the slalom, understeer symptoms that often occur in front-wheel cars can easily be anticipated by lifting the foot from the accelerator and steering control. Also, by turning radius 4.9 m, the Fiesta is also agile and easy to maneuver.

Other features, brake discs in front and drum in rear, plus ABS and EBD, in all variants make the Fiesta more complete than the same class car in its segment which is marketed in Indonesia.

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