Selasa, 18 Januari 2011


If the observation is less charming, you definitely 'point' modifications on the Suzuki Grand Vitara in 2007 is not extreme. Fender only grew to support the 22 inches rims.

But, try to see the front door handle and the adjacent middle. In fact, the original position of the door opener is located below the middle pillar C. And Raymond Merjanto, the Suzuki SUV owners want to open this door the opposite. Similar cars 1960s.

Process submitted to Reindy Riupassa from home pentolan Concept BTX modification. Changes had to be done with the construction of cutting to do as much as 3 cm in fernder back. The goal is that you can open the door to the back perfectly.

"If not cut, the position of the door so slightly over time to be opened," said Reindy. After that, the position of connection to the back door switch. Installation is not too complicated because only create a new holder.

Once the door is installed, live handle switch places. The right to left and vice versa. By doing so, opening the door to adjust.

Views can be elegant, do not mean that engine performance memble. Not feel satisfied with the labor standards Vitara, Raymond on one set up for the snail home energy workshop been Good Engineering.

Raymond is described by only 0.6 bar boost. Enough votes for a daily. And for the supply of fuel at work on the turbo with the ability injector Denso fuel spurt Materials 400 cc per minute. To manipulate a computer machine used piggyback Haltech Interceptor.

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